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            Kt Kingtronics MLCC capacitors

            SMD multilayer ceramic capacitors
            Chip multilayer ceramic capacitors
            chip ceramic capacitor
            SMD ceramic capacitors
            Multilayer ceramic capacitor
            MLCC capacitors
            Brief description:
            MUTILAYER CHIP CERAMIC CAPACITOR, NPO, X7R, Y5V, Size 0603 0805, 1206 
            Detailed Description:
            Material: NPO, X7R, Y5V
            Size code: 0402 0603 0805 1206 1210 1812
            Tolerance: +/-0.25pF, +/-0.5pF, +/-5%, +/-10%, +/-20%
            Capacitance: 0.1pF-22uF
            Voltage: 10V, 16V, 25V, 50V
            2-3 weeks delivery + with regular stock
            Kingtronics own brand “KINGTRONICS”
            Packaging: bulk and AMMO
            Very attractive prices from original manufacturer
            Available with Radial mlcc, Axial mlcc capacitor.



            Kt Kingtronics Switching Diode LL4148

            Kt Kingtronics Switching Diode LL4148.


            We can cross to below brands:

            Kingtronics Vishay Diotec Diodes FAIRCHILD PanJit NXP
            LL4148 LL4148-GS18 RLS4148TR/LL4148 LL4148 FDLL4148 LL4148 PML4148



            Kt Kingtronics Transistor Application

            Small Signal Transistor--Kingtronics new arrival in 2014.
            No matter you are manufacturer or electronic components distributor, pls feel free to contact us if you use these transistors. We have very competitive price and good quality for you.
            Here I listed out some applications for your reference. Pls help to promote and sell. Look forward to your upcoming RFQs. ^_^

            Kingtronics Popular Transistor: BC807-16/25/40; BC817-16/25/40
            MMBT3904; MMBT3906; MMBT8050C/D
            MMBT9012G/H; MMBTSC945L/O/P/Y
            Application: Refrigerator Control; Audio Equipment
            Electric Heating Systems; Industrial(Audio)
            Tempreature control; Telecomunication
            Lighting Solution; Refrigeration & A/C Controls