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            Kt Kingtronics 5kkpcs Stock for Diode

            Dear valued customer,

            Good news!

            Our Kingtronics have stock available for below items LL4148&1N4148W&1N4148WS now. If you need urgently for these items, let's help you solve this problem.

            Stock 5kkpcs available now&very good price&high quality

            Pls feel free to contact us, if you are interested.


            LL4148 LL-34 T&R RoHS

            1N4148W SOD-123 T&R RoHS

            1N4148WS SOD-323 T&R RoHS

            Kt Kingtronics Diode and Bridge

            Kingtronics International Company    www.kingtronics.com
            ISO 9001: 2008 manufacturer, 2 factories, ISO & UL & SGS certified.

            Kt Kingtronics Electronic Products

            CE include TV, VCD, SVCD, DVD, Video, Radio, Music Center, Record Player, CD.......In developed 
            countries: the phones, personal computers, home office equipment, home electronic healthcare 
            equipment, automotive electronics products are classified in consumer electronics products. With the 
            development of technology and new product new applications appearing, digital cameras, mobile 
            phones, pdas, and other products are also become the emerging consumer electronics products.

            Consumer electronic products

            Application of product segmentation: 

            Set top box

            ES1J  FR107


            MD100S18M2  GBJ2010  KBJ410  D2UB100  GBJ1510

            LCD TV

            SR560  HER207  1N5406G  BJ1010  KBJ410  FR307  GBJ1510  HER107
            FR207  SR5100  FR107  KBJ610


            BR3506  KBPC2510  HS1J  GBJ2010  KBJ410  GBJ1510

            Home appliance

            1N4007G  KBJ410  SF24G  HS1G  P4KE51A / P4KE51CA

             For more products information please check: http://www.kingtronics.com/

            Kt Kingtronics Quartz Crystal

            Quartz Crystal is generally divided SMD and plug-in (Dip) two categories:

            1)  Dip: The plug can be used to size and pin points. Such as full-size, also known as a rectangle or 
            14pin, half-size, also known as a square or 8pin. But the 14pin and 8pin are by foot median oscillator 
            IC's internal core. Oscillator itself is 4pin. And from a different application level to points, can be divided into OSC (general), TCXO (temperature compensation), VCXO (voltage controlled), OCXO (Constant 
            temperature) etc.


            HC-49U: Generally referred 49U, also known as "low-profile"

            HC-49S: Commonly known as 49S, also known as "low-profile"

            HC-49SS: Generally referred 49SS, also known as (ultra low profile, usually 2.5mm package height)

            Fork type (columnar crystal): In accordance with the volume fraction can be divided into 3×9, 3×8, 2×6, 1×5, 1×4, etc

            2) SMDBy size and pin to classify, pins have 4pin and 2pin points.

            For more products information please check: http://www.kingtronics.com/quartz-crystals/

            Kt Kingtronics Diode Rectifier

            Kingtronics hold below stock now, reasonable price & fast delivery will be supported, meanwhile free 
            samples & gifts are available, pls seize the time to contact with us, we love to follow your schedule and arrange everything well.

            Share rfqs with us, respond you with the best offer immediately. We are able to make help for 
            cost-down, pls don't reject any profitable chance, let's explore more business chances together. 

            Diode Rectifier

            LL4148 LL-34 T&R RoHS MPQ: 2.5kpcs/reel  
            Datasheet---->  http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/LL4148.pdf

            1N4148W SOD-123 T&R RoHS MPQ: 3kpcs/reel 
            Datasheet---->  http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/1N4148W.pdf

            1N4148WS SOD-323 T&R RoHS MPQ: 3kpcs/reel  
            Datasheet---->  http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/1N4148WS.pdf

            Kt Kingtronics Bridge Rectifiers

            The main role of the Bridge Rectifier: alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC) of a device.
            There are widely used in industrial production, and electricity, electronics, automotive, various fields.

            Bridge rectifiers have many types: ordinary rectifier diodes, ultra-fast rectifier diodes, transient voltage suppression diodes, switching diodes, high voltage diodes, diode bridge rectifier, SMT surface mount 
            fast recovery diodes, surface-mount schottky diodes SMD, fast recovery rectifier diodes, schottky 
            diodes, bi-directional trigger diodes, zener diodes,damping diodes, ordinary surface mount diodes 
            SMT, SMT surface mount ultra-fast diodes, TO-220 packaged diodes, power snubber diode, etc.

            For more products information please check : http://www.kingtronics.com/bridge-rectifiers/

            Kt Kingtronics Ceramic Capacitors

            I guess you already returned to office from your summer holiday?

            September comes. Could you pls tell me your order plan about these capacitors in the next half year? Hope can hear from you soon. Thanks. ^)^

            Brand name: Kingtronics
            MKT--radial multilayer ceramic capacitor
            AKT--axial multilayer ceramic capacitor  

            L/T: about 3~4 weeks

            Cross reference:










            MKT series




            K (Mono Cap)





            AKT Series




            A (Mono-





            Kt Kingtronics Distributor Wanted

            Good news, we are beginning to look for new distributors now !

            Do you have interest to be our distributor ? We work with top 10 distributors in the world, enjoy good 
            reputation in the market, producing under our own registered brand kingtronics with kt logo since 1990,offer quality assurance to all of our customers.

            If you get interested, hoping you can begin to buy from us now, we are willing to offer you below free 
            promotion literatures, such as samples, catalogues.. !

            Steady cooperation over 2-3 years, we can consider signing distributor agreement, Keep increasing 
            business over 5 year, we will try to ask our marketing department put you as our online distributor !

            Kt Kingtronics Office Shut Down on Sep

            To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, a newly added public holiday on 
            September 3 in line with the mainland's designated national celebration day.

            Kingtronics will close office on this day and resume work on September 4 as normal.

            For inquiries, please send to our sales person email or info@kingtronics.com , we will reply you at the 
            first time.

            Let us enjoy peaceful and 
            harmonious world together.